Dave Blake

Dave first realised he had music in his soul at 9 years old when, after spending his hard earned pocket money on a Yamaha Portasound keyboard from his mum's catalogue, he taught himself to play classic tracks like "The A -Team" and, "Airwolf".

Yet it was writing that really drew Dave ever deeper into music. "Composing has been a way for me to connect with people but also a medium to journal my life: the highs, the lows and all the space inbetween. Let's say it's been a lot cheaper than therapy!"

As a teenager he upgraded his keyboard several times, taught himself acoustic guitar and played in rock and pop outfits, "November" and, "Elemental." However, it was a chance meeting with fellow "Willow" band member, Paul Alexander, almost 15 years ago when Dave's music graduated to the next level.

Forming acclaimed duo, "Average Joe", Paul and Dave played gigs around the Surrey/Hampshire borders, profiling their catchy songwriting and complimentary harmonies.

Now, with Fiona Channon on board and new band, "Willow", accepting the passing of the musical baton, Dave is really enjoying writing in a trio; creating memorable songs with tight harmonies and a refreshing unique sound.

Fi Channon

Fiona's passion for music started in school with an inspirational music teacher. She joined the choir which is where she developed her appreciation of harmonies and layered melodies.

At 18 she went to live in Spain and worked as a singer in piano bars in Puerto Banus, Marbella. Since then she has worked with various songwriters and started her own band called "Isis" performing in and around Surrey.

Some years later she joined a band called "Third Party" but was struck down with Scarlet Fever after one gig and lost her voice. After a long struggle to get back to normal Fiona decided to write some songs and put them together on a CD as a collection for friends and family.

It was in August 2012 that Fiona met Paul on a songwriting retreat and they immediately clicked. On returning to England they formed Willow with Paul's musical partner Dave Blake. They are now seriously committed to writing and performing for the joy of it.

The first song they wrote together was called "Willow Tree" and this was where the band name came from.

Paul Alexander

Paul started playing guitar at 16 after seeing a local skiffle band play in the pub he lived in at the time. After 2 weeks of feverish practice on a hastily borrowed acoustic guitar Paul was invited to join the same skiffle band. A mere 2 weeks later after his first gig Paul got the performing bug.

From there Paul went to play with several rock bands (after upgrading the guitar) in and around the Swindon area as rhythm guitar and then lead guitarist. At the same time Paul started teaching himself Piano.

During his time at University in Oxford Paul joined a popular local band, Circus Life, not as guitarist this time but as lead singer.

After Uni and a move to Surrey Paul played with various local groups before meeting David Blake where they formed Average Joe, an acoustic duo who played for many years in and around the Surrey area.

Paul has recently picked up the Banjo, Ukulele and Banjitar to add to his repertoire of instruments. " I have always been passionate about song writing, blending a heart felt story with a strong melodic hook and great harmonies to create a compelling and moving sound".